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All images on this site, unless otherwise stated, are the copyright of the London Borough of Hillingdon, Brunel University or the British and Foreign School Society.

Copies may be made for non-commercial private study or research, or for educational purposes in the course of giving or receiving instruction. For all other reproduction please contact either Hillingdon or Brunel.

Every effort has been made to trace all copyright holders. If you feel that you have an interest in the copyright of an image please contact us.


Copies of photographs and archives may be ordered. Please contact archives@hillingdongrid.org or submit the form below.

Conditions and Fees for the Reproduction of Local Studies and Archive Material


1. The purchase of a photographic copy from the Local Studies, Archive and Museum (LSAM) Service , Brunel University or the British and Foreign School Society does not carry reproduction rights with it. Further reproduction or use of any copy is prohibited without the prior written approval of the relevant archive.

2. Arrangements will be made by the relevant Service for all reproduction work which is undertaken.

3. If the relevant Service does not hold the copyright and the item is subject to copyright, copies will not be taken. In such cases application should be made direct to the copyright holder.

4. If, by arrangement, the copy is for subsequent publication or display, the source should be acknowledged as Hillingdon Local Studies, Archives And Museum Service, Brunel University Archives and/or the British and Foreign School Society (BFSS) Archive

5. If an item originally purchased for personal use is subsequently published the relevant Service must be informed and the appropriate fee paid.

6. Copies supplied in a digital format are subject to a single use agreement.

7. All fees must be paid before work is undertaken.

8. Any negatives produced as a result of any copying work remain the property of the relevant Service.


Photographic copies
Sizes are approximate and may be affected by the size of the original image.

6" x 4" £6.75
8" x 6" £9.50
10" x 8" £10.50
12" x 10" £13.00

Prices for other sizes and colour copies available on request

Digital images £5.00 per jpeg image + £2.50 per CD.
Images cannot be sent by email due to scanned size.


Black & White A4 £0.20
  A3 £0.40
Colour* A4 £1.00
  A3 £1.50

*colour copying will be provided where facilities exist.


Completion of the Reprographics Request copyright Declaration form is required in all instances.

Excluded from charges


We can do limited research in the archives for you.

For details of the services offered by:

Hillingdon Local Studies and Archives

Brunel University Archives

The British and Foreign School Society Archive


Request to copy items from the Heritage Builds Bridges website

I agree to the conditions and fees listed. (as above)

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